Con-Profit Group Continues To Insist Louisiana’s Creationism Law Isn’t About Creationism

Creationism, or Intelligent Design, could possibly have a place in a social studies classroom only if it is taught in conjunction with other creation myths. The biblical creation myth is just as revered in many Christian religious circles Mount Olympus was to the Ancient Greeks. We’ve never assumed that ancient myths were meant to be scientifically proven, and therefore we should not expect the Genesis creation to be scientifically proven either. The Bible is a book of faith and historical documentation, not of science. There are some elements, such as people, places, and even some events in the Bible that we can that we can scientifically prove happened. Yet, there are other elements in the Bible that we should accept as myth. These myths were the Ancient Hebrews attempt to better understand the world before modern science, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When religious zealots attempt to mislabel the creation story of the bible as science, it actually has an adverse effect on those who try to understand the Bible objectively because it does not correlate with years scientific study.


Nearly seven years after it was signed into law and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, David Klinghoffer, a blogger for the Discovery Institute, a con-profit organization based in Washington state, continues to insist that the Louisiana Science Education Act (the LSEA) has absolutely nothing to do with promoting the teaching of creationism and its fraternal twin, intelligent design (which he calls a “scientific theory”), in the public school science classroom.

In 2007, the Discovery Institute and the Louisiana Family Forum, a religious far-right organization that promotes Christian dominionism and has spent the better part of the last ten years lobbying to deny civil rights to gay and lesbian people, worked together to draft the LSEA, which was then introduced by Ben Nevers in the State Senate and Frank Hoffmann in the State House. The Louisiana Family Forum couldn’t have found two more loyal foot soldiers. Nevers, in explaining his…

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