The Purpose of Educationship


Do you ever look at our current public education system and think, things would be better if…? Although most people who think this question on a weekly, if not daily, basis are those of us who are parents or are working in the trenches most months out of the year. The thing is, I believe that we can influence a revolutionary change in the public education system by sharing ideas, formulating a plan, and heavily influencing our legislators on the state level.

This is our future. We’re not into using kids and harassing hardworking professionals to further a political agenda. We’re not into making back door deals that benefit special interests and test makers. And we are so over legislators sitting in comfortable seats hundreds of miles away dictating what’s best for communities and districts that they probably have never stepped foot in.

The Educationship Blog Site is a place where we welcome ideas, experiences, and commentary. Here, we talk about the future. We don’t want a generation of test takers holding pivotal positions in our society, nor do we want to limit the availability of such positions to the privileged few. Since education is something that affects all of our lives in some way, we all should have something to contribute.

I encourage you to post, comment, and share on Educationship. Please remember to be respectful to other readers and commentators. And to all of you well-wishers out there when confronted with ideas that you don’t wholly agree with, first seek to understand, than to be understood. And then restate your reasoning in a way that others can comprehend.

Happy Talks!


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